Spring 2016

Counting Complexity and Phase Transitions Reunion

Monday, Jun 5, 2017 to Thursday, Jun 8, 2017 

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Jin-Yi Cai (University of Wisconsin-Madison; co-chair), Martin Dyer (University of Leeds; co-chair), Andrei Bulatov (Simon Fraser University), Xi Chen (Columbia University), Allan Sly (UC Berkeley)

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This reunion workshop is for long-term participants in the program "Counting Complexity and Phase Transitions" held in the Spring 2016 semester. It will provide an opportunity to meet old and new friends. Moreover, we hope that it will give everyone a chance to reflect on the progress made during the semester and since, and sketch which directions the field should go in the future. In an effort to keep things informal and to encourage open discussion, none of the activities will be recorded.  Participation in the workshop is by invitation only.

Invited Participants: 

David Aldous (UC Berkeley), Alexander Barvinok (University of Michigan), Ivona Bezáková (Rochester Institute of Technology), Antonio Blanca (Georgia Institute of Technology), Markus Bläser (Universität des Saarlandes), Jin-Yi Cai (University of Wisconson-Madison), Radu Curticapean (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Varsha Dani (University of New Mexico), Holger Dell (Universität des Saarlandes), Martin Dyer (University of Leeds), Marylou Gabrié (École Normale Supérieure Paris), Andreas Galanis (University of Oxford), Shirshendu Ganguly (UC Berkeley), Heng Guo (Queen Mary, University of London), Tom Hayes (University of New Mexico), Pavol Hell (Simon Fraser University), Tyler Helmuth (UC Berkeley), Miki Hermann (École Polytechnique), Marek Karpinski (University of Bonn), Florent Krzakala (ENS), Jingcheng Liu (UC Berkeley), Pinyan Lu (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics), Janos Makowsky (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology), Andrea Montanari (Stanford University), Dana Randall (Georgia Institute of Technology), Alistair Sinclair (UC Berkeley), Allan Sly (UC Berkeley), Piyush Srivastava (California Institute of Technology), Nike Sun (UC Berkeley), Mingji Xia (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Jiaming Xu (University of Pennsylvania), Yitong Yin (Nanjing University), Yumeng Zhang (UC Berkeley)