Law and Society Fellow

Established in 2020, the Simons Institute's Law and Society Fellowships enhance Institute programs that address technologies with profound impacts on human society and with implications for ethics, law, and policy, by supporting a researcher within each who is focused on addressing the broader societal implications of the techniques and technologies addressed within these programs. 

Law and Society Fellows participate in the Institute's programs and engage with visiting scientists. Additional contributions typically include: an initial talk on the fellow’s work, for visiting researchers at the Simons Institute; and a white paper on recommendations and findings. Fellows may also be invited to collaborate with the Institute’s film production team on an episode of Theory Shorts, a documentary web series about the topics covered in the Institute’s research programs.

Law and Society Fellows hold a shared office in Calvin Lab and have University library access and other standard campus privileges. The position comes with a stipend to cover living expenses. 

Junior and senior researchers are welcome to apply. Early-career applicants (postdocs, senior graduate students, and assistant professors) carry the title of Law and Society Fellow. Senior researchers carry the title of Senior Law and Society Fellow.

Applications are now closed.

Current and Past Law and Society Fellows

If you are interested in becoming a Law and Society Fellow, please see the Participate page.

Associate Professor, Northwestern University
Aug. 17Dec. 16, 2022
Professor, Yale Law School
Jan. 11May 13, 2022
Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley
Aug. 19Dec. 18, 2020