Depending on your appointment type and your individual eligibility for a visa for the United States, Simons Institute staff may be able to assist with your visa paperwork. Visa processing times can vary depending on your type of visa as well as on the local US embassy’s processing times. We recommend that you contact our staff as soon as possible after confirming your visit to the Institute.

In order to best assess your visa eligibility, Institute staff may ask you questions about the following:

  • US visas that you have held prior to your visit to the Simons Institute
  • Future visits to other institutions in the U.S. directly following your visit to the Institute
  • Family members whom you are planning to bring as dependents
  • Any outside funding for your visit to the Institute

Be prepared to submit copies of passports, visas and other documents. If you have any questions or concerns about your visa eligibility, please contact our simonsvisitorservices [at] (Visitor Services Coordinator)