Family Care Program
The Simons Institute's Family Care Program provides funding to visitors whose children accompany them during their stay at the Institute. Long-term visitors holding Visiting Scholar appointments, with stays of at least 31 days uninterrupted, are eligible to participate in this program. Awardees will receive funding (the pro-rated equivalent of $1,000/month for visitors with one child; $1,500/month for two children; $2,000/month for three or more children). Contact the simonsvisitorservices [at] berkeley.edu (Visitor Services Coordinator) for more information particularly if you have financial issues regarding childcare.

School Enrollment in Berkeley

Please review our information sheet on school enrollment. This information is for guidance only. You should contact the school district directly to determine enrollment requirements as well as placement procedures. Your local address in Berkeley or in any of the surrounding communities will determine your school district.

You can find helpful school reviews on the Berkeley Parents Network website.

The Bay Area is an exciting place to live, and there are many resources available to help your family feel at home. We have compiled a list of helpful links below. Also check our calendar for events and outings organized by the Simons Institute for visitors and their families. Feel free to contact our simonsvisitorservices [at] berkeley.edu (Visitor Services Coordinator) with any questions.​

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