Industry Partners

The Simons Institute actively seeks research collaborations with industry. In 2013, we welcomed Google and Microsoft Research as our Founding Industry Partners. VMware and Apple became Partners in 2018, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone in 2019, J.P. Morgan in 2020 and PayPal in 2021.

One of the key benefits of industry partnerships is participation in our annual Industry Day and other events that highlight mutual research interests with industry. Read more about that here.

For more information about partnership opportunities, contact Senior Development Director Amy Ambrose +1 510.944.6674, or amyambrose [at]

Possible benefits include:
Participation in Industry Day and other events
Research collaboration with Institute scientists
Named fellowships
Working space at the Institute during program workshops
Research field trips


Founding Industrial Partners:


Research at GoogleMicrosoft Research


Other Industrial Partners:





Industrial Sponsors: