Fall 2014

Algorithms and Complexity in Algebraic Geometry Reunion

Monday, Dec 14, 2015 to Wednesday, Dec 16, 2015 

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Peter Bürgisser (Technical University of Berlin), Joseph M. Landsberg (Texas A&M University), Ketan Mulmuley (University of Chicago), Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)
This reunion workshop is for long-term participants in the program "Algorithms and Complexity in Algebraic Geometry" held in the Fall 2014 semester. It will provide an opportunity to meet old and new friends. Moreover, we hope that it will give everyone a chance to reflect on the progress made during the semester and since, and sketch which directions the field should go in in the future. In an effort to keep things informal and to encourage open discussion, none of the activities will be recorded.  Participation in the workshop is by invitation only.

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Invited Participants: 

Hirotachi Abo (University of Idaho), Alessandra Bernardi (Universita di Bologna), Paul Breiding (Technische Universität Berlin), Peter Bürgisser (Technische Universität Berlin), Matthias Christandl (University of Copenhagen), David Eisenbud (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute), Cameron Farnsworth (Texas A&M University), Michael Forbes (Princeton University), Fulvio Gesmundo (Texas A&M University), Elizabeth Gross (San Jose State University), Yonghui Guan (Texas A&M University), Jon Hauenstein (University of Notre Dame), Serkan Hosten (San Francisco State University), Jesko Hüttenhain (Technische Universität Berlin), Christian Ikenmeyer (Texas A&M University), Kaie Kubjas (Aalto University), Pierre Lairez (Technische Universität Berlin), JM Landsberg (Texas A&M University), Lek-Heng Lim (University of Chicago), Ricky Liu (North Carolina State University), Gregorio Malajovich Munoz (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), Mateusz Michalek (UC Berkeley), Ketan Mulmuley (University of Chicago), Matt Niemerg (Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences), Luke Oeding (Auburn University), Giorgio Maria Ottaviani (Universita di Firenze), Pablo Parrilo (MIT), Youming Qiao (University of Technology, Sydney), Elina Robeva (UC Berkeley), Jose Rodriguez (University of Notre Dame), Zvi Rosen (UC Berkeley), Steven Sam (University of Wisconsin-Madison),  Michael Shub (City University of New York), Frank Sottile (Texas A&M University), Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley), Virginia Vassilevska Williams (Stanford University), Cynthia Vinzant (North Carolina State University), Michael Walter (Stanford University), Jerzy Weyman (University of Connecticut), Ryan Williams (Stanford University), Ke Ye (University of Chicago), Benjamin Weitz (UC Berkeley)