Summer 2023

Summer Cluster on Quantum Computing

Jun. 12Aug. 4, 2023

The Summer Cluster on Quantum Computing will bring together researchers from academia and industry to explore topics from quantum complexity theory and cryptography to quantum algorithms, benchmarking, error-correction and fault tolerance. The program will have a special focus on NISQ (Near-term Intermediate-Scale Quantum) computers and complexity-based evidence of quantum advantage. A major challenge in this direction is to define milestones for the next generation of quantum computers that are beyond the capabilities of classical computers and yet can be verified efficiently.

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Bill Fefferman (University of Chicago), Sandy Irani (UC Irvine), Urmila Mahadev (California Institute of Technology), Chinmay Nirkhe (IBM), Umesh Vazirani (UC Berkeley)

To participate in this cluster, please submit your application here. Applications will be accepted and considered until January 15, 2023.