Nisheeth Vishnoi

Professor, Yale University

Nisheeth Vishnoi is a professor of computer science and a co-founder of the Computation and Society Initiative at Yale University. His research focuses on foundational problems in computer science, machine learning, and optimization. He is also broadly interested in understanding and addressing some of the key questions that arise in nature and society from a computational viewpoint. Here, his current focus is on physics-inspired algorithms and algorithmic fairness. He is the author of two monographs and the book Algorithms for Convex Optimization.

He was the recipient of the Best Paper Award at IEEE FOCS in 2005, the IBM Research Pat Goldberg Memorial Award in 2006, the Indian National Science Academy Young Scientist Award in 2011, the IIT Bombay Young Alumni Achievers Award in 2016, and the Best Technical Paper award at ACM FAT* in 2019. He was elected an ACM Fellow in 2019.

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