Nayantara Bhatnagar

Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

Nayantara Bhatnagar received her PhD in Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2007, advised by Dana Randall and Eric Vigoda. Before starting her position at the University of Delaware, Bhatnagar was a Neyman Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistics at UC Berkeley and a Golda Meir Postdoctoral fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the School of Computer Science and Engineering. During 2011 she was an adjunct assistant professor in Statistics at UC Berkeley. Her research interests are in probability, often motivated by problems from statistical physics, combinatorics, statistics and theoretical computer science. In particular, she is interested in mixing times of Markov chains, random walks, random permutations and Gibbs measures on trees and random graphs.


Program Visits