Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Simons Institute Welcomes PayPal as Newest Industry Partner

We are delighted to announce that PayPal has joined our community of industry partners. PayPal highlights the importance of theoretical computer science in financial services through the work of its new blockchain technology research group, complemented by its AI research team.

Partnerships with industry, academia, and government are essential to the Simons Institute. These partnerships expand the scope and knowledge within our community of scientists, and enhance our capacity to fulfill our mission of bringing together researchers in theoretical computer science and related fields to explore deep unsolved problems about the nature and limits of computation. Industry is able both to test our growing body of research and to offer new avenues of inquiry for theoretical research.

PayPal joins fellow 2021 industry partners Algorand, Google, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft Research, NTT Research, Roc360, and VMware. Benefits of partnership include closer participation in program boot camps and workshops, speaking opportunities at our Industry Day and other private events, and membership in our Industry Advisory Council. For more information on becoming a Simons Institute industry partner, contact Amy Ambrose at amyambrose [at]