Friday, October 30th, 2020

Simons Institute Launches New Postdoctoral Fellowship Initiative

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new postdoctoral fellowship program at the Simons Institute; this new initiative is funded by a special grant from the Simons Foundation. The opportunity is for five Simons-Berkeley Postdoctoral Fellowships in theoretical computer science, for periods of one or two years. Applications for positions beginning in Fall 2021 are due on December 15.

Simons-Berkeley Postdocs are asked to identify a UC Berkeley faculty mentor, and are invited to participate in the Simons Institute’s research programs as well. These postdoctoral fellowships are distinct from and in addition to the Institute’s research fellows program, which are usually semester-long and tied to specific Institute programs. 

The Simons Foundation announced the Simons Bridge for Postdoctoral Fellowships as a response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the early career opportunities for emerging scientists. The Simons Institute is one of several institutions across the country that has been chosen to award five such positions. To learn more about the Simons-Berkeley Postdoctoral Fellowships program and to submit an application, visit