Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

Monitoring People and Their Vital Signs Using Radio Signals and Machine Learning | Theoretically Speaking

In this talk from our Theoretically Speaking public lecture series, Dina Katabi presented sensing technologies that track people’s gait and movements based purely on the radio signals that bounce off their bodies. These technologies can further monitor a person’s breathing, heartbeats, and sleep quality remotely, without requiring any physical contact with the human body. They operate by transmitting a low-power wireless signal and analyzing its reflections using machine learning models. Katabi showed results from using these sensors for remote health monitoring of patients with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and COVID-19. She envisions that such technologies will enable truly smart homes that learn people’s habits and passively monitor their vital signs to allow for early detection of health problems and improve overall health and well-being.

We’re pleased to share the video from her presentation here.