Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

MIP* = RE | 10th Anniversary Symposium

In our SimonsTV corner this summer, we're sharing some of our favorite talks from our 10th Anniversary Symposium, which was held in Berkeley at the end of May.

In his reflections on the symposium, Prasad Raghavendra says of this talk by Thomas Vidick, "Imagine a talk where the central object under consideration is a game between two players, say one on Earth and the other on the moon, who are answering questions to a referee. The same talk mentions Einstein, von Neumann, and Turing and weaves in foundations of quantum mechanics, operator algebras, the halting problem, and the PCP theorem for good measure, all within a single hour. You wouldn’t be alone if this does not feel like an actual talk, but just text that is auto-generated by one of the AI chatbots. Indeed, Thomas Vidick took us through this incredible journey between the worlds of physics, mathematics, and theoretical computer science."